Friday, September 4, 2009

Knock Knock

who's there????

wanna ride bikes?

I went for a ride last night @ around 7... it was terrifying. First problem is cars. Traffic never goes away here. I constantly have the feeling that cars are lurking behind me, ready to pounce. This makes me uneasy as all hell. Anyway, on this particular ride the lights went out about 10 minutes in. Se fue la luz en espanol. The uneasiness of traffic was then compounded by the fact that I couldn't see anything. Everyone uses their brights, as courtesy to other cars is not something that anyone is interested in... This combined with the dark had me essentially seeing green spots, darkness, and more lights. I headed for home in a desperate blinded stupor and just as I was onto the main road a giant land rover pulled behind me... Naturally I thought it was the end t0 my particularly reckless existence. Not so, apparently a guardian angel was behind the wheel of the land rover. He dropped back about 30 feet and blocked traffic for literally 4 miles as I made my way home. The honking that ensued was amazing but the godly land rover was didn't flinch and he protected me all the way.
every car in santo domingo looks like this... you can see why I was scared

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madre5459 said...

thank you, God, for Land Rovers, guardian angels and the wisdom to TURN AROUND and find a better time of day to bike. oh yeah, and the American flag?