Friday, September 18, 2009

Mr. Severin checking in

So my job has been going incredibly well... I am liking the kids/ disciples. I am enjoying punishing people. I think some of them even like me. Most fear me. I got a card from a third grader today. It said...
"Dear Mrs. Severin (bilingual school)

You are being kind to me. You are big and beautiful


hahahha I laughed so hard at the big and beautiful. It sounds like a Queen Latifah movie or something.

It has been really difficult to bike here and I can tell because every time I hop on the bike I feel like I have chicken legs. I lost my butt because I have been running so much and I have found that my butt was the source of my bike power. I am trying to figure out a way to get my trainer and to get a heart rate monitor. I need to get on it as I have big plans.

I tried to buy a reloj de pulsa (heart rate monitor) at this kiosk in the mall. It was about 60 bucks and looked like it would serve my purposes. I was excited. They asked if I needed a receipt because they had computer problems. I said nah prolly not. Then as I was walking out, I thought ehhhh maybe I should check if this works... I put it on in the parking lot and started hitting buttons. Not heart rate. Checking the box, I realized it was the wrong watch.... naturally.

I walked back in, told them I needed the correct watch... after about 6 minutes, she found it... She told me it was triple the price. I told her no. She told me that I could either take it and pay the difference or take a watch of equal or lower value since I didn't have a receipt.... I was fuming and holding the heart rate watch, basically thinking I was going to take the watch if they didn't give me my money... She called her manager over and finally reason came into the situation... She looked at me like I was crazy and said she was sorry and would issue a refund. I was crazy but things in the Dominican do not operate logically and I was not going to be ripped this stupid kiosk in the mall.

The moral of the story is I can now get mad, get my money back, and look for a heart rate monitor ALL IN SPANISH!!!!!!!

Peace out boy scouts.

Things to come:

I might swim with a team of Dominicans across a bay (17km)....


Rural Girl said...

17 km all by yourself? That's like 11 miles. You are 'big and beautiful' and CRAZY!

Moses said...

big and beautiful. epic.