Thursday, September 10, 2009

^%$ ^%$^%$ my shoes Brand New

Hello lovelies,

Some new things to report...

Moved into a third world apartment. It doesn't have a door to the bathroom... which is a bit weird... the fridge gets down to about 5 degrees below room temp. The bed is essentially a board and the sheets are so old they are transparent. The pillows are so equally as thin which I really like. Overall, pretty cool.
The guy I am renting from speak swiss german and barely any spanish. The problem with this is he will throw in english words, spanish words, and german words all into one conversation at break neck speed. It's almost like he is playing a game of how high he can build the language barrier. A game that isn't fun to anyone but him.

Trying to recover from being a bit sick... Caitlin's roommates are essentially disease carrying goblins right now. Despite having the immune system of a bull elephant, I have fallen slightly ill...

Now for something new...

Dr. John's advice for sickness:
1. Eat as much real food (food that is recently deceased) as possible for the loads of vitamins
2. Overload your system with zinc and B vitamins
3. Go to the store, buy ginger, go home, boil it, drink what's left over

It works... I am getting better instead of getting the full blown sickness that the weak disease vectors experienced.

Just got a hair cut from a dominican shop close to my new apartment. I have never had such care with a buzz cut and it cost 4 dollars. Absolutely amazing. Some things are really cheap here and I am starting to figure out how to stretch my money which is key when you don't plan on making more than 6 dollars an hour.

Might start a new job on monday... stay tuned as I might have a hand in shaping the dominican youth!

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Rural Girl said...

Boiled ginger that's a new one I haven't heard!