Sunday, December 6, 2009

Holy Mother of Pearl

Dear Bloggers,

Saturday started in a lovely and very normal way. I woke up, ate a granola cookie, and drank some coffee before heading to the pool. I swam very well and then got outta there. Went shopping with Caitlin for Christmas stuff and we made tons of progress on presents. Spoiler Alert: it's for my family.

I was plotting a big weekend of training and a big run was on the agenda. I set out feeling pretty spritely.... then suddenly................



Anyway, apparently I had a seizure during said long run and woke up trying to communicate in Spanish. I had several snafu's where I apparently communicated that I was allergic to ibuprofen so instead they gave me a giant needle to the ass. I was also, in my daze, apparently thrashing about (affectionately termed "aggresivo") and they bound me to the table. This resulted in major bruising.... hopefully pictures to follow.... I also split my skull open on some metal thing which resulted in skull stitches.

They tried to get a phone number out of me (I'm amazed anything came out of me in spanish) to contact Caitlin. I told them I didn't know Caitlin's but I knew mine. They called mine and she came to save me! Also, I was freezing and shirtless (no idea why). Some man gave me literally the shirt off his back. I told him it wasn't necessary... he said it was just a shirt and went to get another for himself. That's why I love this country.



PS. I think someone stole my watch

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