Monday, December 21, 2009

You can find me in the A

Up until two days ago, I considered the ATL to be nothing more than the bastard stepchild of US cities. After Santo Domingo, it looks like an efficient, clean, and friendly place. A place you would take your kids to and say, "Look, kids. THIS is Atlanta." We had a layover in Atlanta and the sheer Americaness of everything hit me and Caitlin like a sock full of quarters. It was very strange. I found myself talking a lot of Spanish, butchering my English, and trying to pay in pesos. I never thought the US would be weird to me.
After the brief stop over in Atlanta, we made it home. Lo and behold, THE MITTEN! It is cold and my blood is thin but I love Michigan. I have been hanging out with my family a ton. I missed running with my sister. She is the only person I really run with on a consistent basis throughout the year (about 20 times a year) and I love talking with her on these runs. We talk about pretty much everything from school to pigs and other barnyard animals. She runs for the University of Michigan, so she also is a pretty good barometer of my fitness if she is coming off cross country season.
It seems like things are on track for me and I finished up a big block of training yesterday. I hit a 2 hour bike ride and an hour 20 min run in the afternoon. Then at night I did sub lactate intervals on the trainer. Both went pretty well and I now I rest until Christmas. After that my family is going to a cross country ski lodge. My sister and I plan to mash ourselves into oblivion.

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Caitlin said...

I'm pretty sure the lyrics are "You Can Find Me in the Air". A isn't a noun, it's an article. You should know that.