Monday, December 7, 2009

Hot flakes and mistakes

So...I entered into a gentleman's (and lady's) agreement with Ms. Caitlin Dark. She wagered 100 pesos that I wouldn't eat a tablespoonful of red pepper flakes. I decided that this was essentially taking candy from a demented baby. Naturally I didn't hesitate. I gobbled it up without batting an eye. People were impressed. It barely phased me. I was impressed.... Then my friend Doug said, "let me know how your *radio edit* goes tomorrow".... call it foreshadowing, call it dramatic irony...

Fast Forward

I went for my long run (see the one I missed due to seizure) my insides felt like poison. I did the bad deed about four times in the woods and nothing could make me come right. I stopped at a Bomba (gas station) and drank some coconut water (nature's gatorade) and stumbled home with my tail between my spicy legs. Shame shame forever shame.


Anonymous said...

your sense of humor, writing flair and lack of good judgment all remain intact s/p seizure. can't wait to see all my Christmas presents!madre

Daniel said...

I'm going to take credit for this for training your taste buds with my chili paste in which you stubbornly (and repeatedly) drowned your rice.

Apparently your intestines didn't get the same training, though.