Friday, December 11, 2009


So with my little epileptic incident, I smacked my skull open on something or other. I was given 8-10 stictches that proceeded to irritate the hell out of me for the past week. Yesterday, I went digging with a small pair of scissors to rectify the situation. Needless to say, I started cutting out more hair than stitch so I had to have Caitlin do it.
She had already warned me against this... I didn't listen. Then I made her do it. HAHA. She got through about 7 stitches muttering about how she hated me and how she was going to throw up. Finally, she paused and said I AM GOING TO PUKE. She flopped onto the couch looking paler than Jim Carey's stomach. After collecting herself, she plucked the last one out and I am right as rain...

Moral of the story: Caitlin, I'm sorry for being a thick headed idiot. I love you.


marylou said...

come home, smelly feet, stitches and all!

Anonymous said...

hey little monster,

i miss you. be safe and reevaluate the possibility of a career in cosmetology. i'd definitely let you cut my hair.