Sunday, January 24, 2010

I DominiCan't stop seeing people get robbed at gunpoint

First things first... I just got back from a pretty swell little road trip with some friends (Shawn and Sarah) from school... as well as the Goblin known as Caitlin. We hit a good side of the island that is short on obnoxious white people and long on sweet beaches and excellent food.
The highlight for me was swimming in this glassy part of the ocean with crystal water. I was distracted from actual swimming and was mainly poking around, looking for sea creatures and the like. I found 15-20 starfish, a bunch of crabs, and a ton of colored fish that if I had seen in rapid succession would have surely been seizure inducing. I also found a sweet conch shell without the crab in it. So I took it.
The lowlight was driving out to the beaches and seeing a group of about 6 men with AK-47's trained on another group of men who had hands raised. It seems this is quite a frequent thing out here and it getting pretty freaky.
Anyway, I am coming to the end of my recovery week which was thoroughly enjoyed... Caitlin also really likes them because she sees me.... probably a little more than she would like. I am stoked to start another three week build and do some tests on myself. I just rode 1.5 hours comfortably aerobic and was pegging it at around 22-23 mph so I think the tests will be good. I am shooting (no pun intended) for 18 hours next week, 20 hours, then 21 hours for this 3 week period.

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keep it safe, stupe