Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lifetime bans and Disorders

Alright so basically I have some stuff to say... Listen or I'll come out of the screen and hit you with a sock full of nickels. Kidding. Or am I?

#1- So we went to a sweet baseball game on Thursday... it was pretty uneventful in that the Tigres got smacked around by the gigantes. Basically we spent the game comparing the facial hair of the batters to various leaders throughout history. The top two beards were a Edgy Abraham Lincoln and Sexy Stalin...

The best part about this game was that a coach threw a punch at an ump! Hilarious. He got a lifetime ban... Think I'm Lying?

#2- I went to grab some food at our local grocery store... I got some chicken (not the point but it was mind boggling good)... The cashier looked at me. She was giving me the major eye. She asked how old I was and I was confused as she had a thick accent and this is a weird question when you want to buy chicken. After leaning in to hear what she said, I told her that I was 24. She told me she didn't believe me. She muttered something else so I cupped my ear and cocked my head. She then said, " Tiene Disorden???" As in do you have a disorder.... hahahahhaha

that's it bye bye

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