Sunday, January 31, 2010

Shaken not Stirred

First Hangover in a good while other than the prerequisite New Years day one. I thoroughly enjoyed last night. It was the last night in the country for one of our friends (Elizabeth) and six of us went out to celebrate. We ate at an awesome place where my meal consisted of 2 scrambled eggs and 4 vodka-waters. Vodka water was a brilliant drink in my mind before this night. I thought it was a trade secret of sorts and prevented hangovers as you take in water with every shot. It also tastes fine to me... sort of like bad water.
Careful James, I rufied your drink.

As I sit here waiting for my headache to subside, I am forced to take stock of this drink. In the DR drinks are incredibly strong. Think 2/3 vodka with a splash of water. Stateside, I recommend this drink. Here, you're better off drinking the chilled urine they call beer.
Hillary going after the coldest urine in the Dominican. BOTTOMS UP!

The three-four hour ride I was planning may have to wait until I rally from this miserable existence. In other news, I think I will hit about 17-18 hours of training this week. Cheers to that, Hillary.

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marylou said...

drinking hard but no sugar? I don't get your diet at all. Don't you know ethanol hurts you no matter what grain it comes from? and no, fried eggs don't cure hangovers. call your mother. she needs to talk to you.