Sunday, February 20, 2011

Beasting off the Riesling

Very good week of training... lots of it was highly secretive so I can only give you tidbits.

1. I had a pretty hard interval run. I ran VERY fast for me. This isn't saying much in the grand scheme of things but everything is relative and getting my giant sausage legs moving fast is not super easy. You wouldn't understand, chicken-legged bloggers.

2. I had a long bike ride in which I shattered some people (myself included) pretty effectively. We were pushing ridiculous watts during my interval set of 3x5 minutes. We're talking around 450-530 big gear. Stuff that makes knee joints and babies tremble and tiny tea cup gears go completely unused.

3. I had a long progression run. Caitlin contributed by coming along on her bike with water and lecturing me on her financial plans and some clever money making plots. I am starting to realize that she has a keen eye for socking away cash. Also, I am starting to use my racing flats for parts of these runs to build up my durability and force my muscles to take more of the load. Sort of a barefoot running concept but less pathetic and less chic. I again ran the final part of this much faster than I thought with much less effort.

4. I had two solid swims: one sprint set and one strength set. Both were faster than anything last year.

People of SoCal. Gather your children. Run to the hills. John Paul Severin is coming to your small local triathlons and Death rides with him.

He is a simple man. He takes in lots of butter and gummy bears and outputs death and pain. You've be warned.

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Ginny Berns said...

This is a ridiculous post. Sounds like your workouts are going well, but I want to hear more detail. (in other words, give me your training secrets!) therefore i'm going to call you. hey i want you to come visit me in detroit and we'll do a run on belle isle. ok, over and out, keep trouncing the workouts.