Friday, February 18, 2011

Move over Kenny Jennings

Guess who was the brains behind Watson and took down the feeble Jennings. Shamed him really. All in the name of charity. You really thought a computer could have that much game? Please. Search your heart. You know it was me.

The last week for me has been excellent. The highlights were two killer nights of trivia. Me and Cait hit the SoCal trivia circuit and we hit it hard this week.

I don't know why but trivia elicits a reaction from me that is unmatched by anything in life. Sad? Probably, but it's just the facts. Anyway, I really internalize all my trivia successes and failures. For example, I will never forget missing the question:

Q: Who is the bond villian who throws his hat? A: Odd Job

I should have been all over this question like mud on a pig. He was my character in N64 007. It was on the tip of my tongue and I just let it slip away like a choke artist. Same goes for this one...

Q: What is the NYSE symbol for anheiser busch A: BUD

DAMMIT! So simple. I had it written down. In the investment bank, so to speak. HA! But I second guessed myself and put ANB. IDIOT.

But I also have some huge successes. For example:

Q: Who was the biblical figure who killed a lion with his bare hands and decimated an entire army with the jawbone of an ox? A: Sampson

BALLIN. I agonized over this. Two possibilities. Two biblical figures who possess this massive destructive prowess. Sampson and Goliath. I had heard of these feats before but it was in the deep, cobwebby recesses of my brain. Hard to access, especially in a seizure-addled brain(for those of you who don't know me this is a serious comment) such as mine. I dug deep though and pulled it out. Sweet victory that I will remember for at least one month which is an eternity for me.

Another example.

Q: You receive the clarett jug for winning what event? A: British Open

Holy God. I was so far away from knowing this answer... I started out with home run derby as my best guess. Thankfully, I recognized that it was absolute shit. I went back to the drawing board and ran through all the possible sports that you could maybe win a jug in... Football, hockey, golf? GOLF...for some reason that struck me...So it is golf and it has to be an old event. Who gives jugs anymore?

Golf was invented in Scotland. Any Scottish tournaments? No? Ok, well the UK then. Only thing I've got is british open. Ok we'll go with it. The moment they read the answer and I knew I got it... It was like sunshine filling my body. If you have never felt what it is like to completely pull a hard trivia answer out of your @$, I suggest you find a local trivia tourney and give it a whirl. Words don't do it justice.

You should brush up on your trivia, bloggers. Who knows when you'll face me in trivial pursuit? Trivia is my wheel house and I don't hold back. It is a full on onslaught from the first question. If you don't step your game up, you might get embarrassed.

Oh and the workouts have been stellar this week. Very fast running, very solid biking, very strong and fast swimming. My fitness is nuts right now.

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