Friday, February 25, 2011

Close to the Chest

I am coming to the end of a particularly tough week of training. I had a major interval session on the track for the first time this year. 3x1000,3x800,3x400,200 was the set. The times are proprietary. Let's just say I haven't hit these times in 3 years.

It beat up my legs as they still are a bit soft when it comes to speed. They are starting to harden up though. My top end is there aerobically as the effort was very smooth compared with the times but the muscles are still adjusting. I used to have to turn myself inside out to run like this.

The next day was a swim set where I had to blast out some sprints. Again... I don't know if I have gone that quick in 3 years if ever.

I am really shocked by my top end right now...

The race is right around the corner and the only hard workout standing in my way is a bike set. That's my wheel house. The set is 3x 5 min @ 360 watts, 5 min @ 300 watts. Basically an over under race pace set for 30 min continuous. The runs and swims always make me a bit nervous. The bikes don't bug me. I am barking right now. Down week to let the legs come around and then the first exam of the year! Desert Triathlon in Palm Springs.

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Rural Girl said...

I predict that "Death" cometh.