Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Haters gonna hate

Just had my first interval session on the run today. I was a bit nervous for it but super excited. I made the mistake of drinking about 4 shots of espresso prior to the run which turned my stomach a bit. I then promptly stepped in dog $#!+ on the warm up. I turned the shoe over thinking it was mud and scraped a bit off with my finger, only to find out it was indeed dog shit. Super nasty. I am kind of thinking about booting just writing it... If I knew the dog that wronged me, I would punt it off a cliff.

Anyway, the workout was 3x5 min @ 10k pace. I ran it a touch harder than that but came in @ 5:32 min/mile pace for the 1st, then 5:42 pace on the next much hillier route, then finally 5:30 pace for the last one. Legit. Not smoking but definitely good for a big rumbler like me.

I also found out I was a USAT All American this past year with a 98.5 rating. Theoretically the fastest amateur in the country scores a 100 so this was Huge! Especially in the 25-29 age group which is lots more competitive than 18-24. I'm on the scene baby. Definitely my best year ever!

2010 races:

6th overall at the olympic distance southwest region championship
5th overall at American Triple T ohio
2nd overall at Rev 3 cedar point half
9:24 at Ironman Florida and qualified for Kona


Alan Finder said...

yo...congrats on the all american status. How did you find that? I'm checking out USAT's website right now. I think I'm at the right page, but it's damn slow and not finding any results.

Michael said...

Hater gonna hate. What!?