Saturday, February 12, 2011

Big Day

I have been slowly adjusting my circadian rhythm to be able to work out in the morning. Today was a testament to my GREAT SUCCESS.

Up at 6:30, massive coffee awaited and did not disappoint. I rolled over to the pool for a masters workout. The idea was to hit up a long hard swim with my coach, Jill Savege dishing out the set. We ended up with about 4800-5k or so and I finished pretty well. I felt well balanced and decent in the water.

Next up was a longish ride with the boys. We met near the pool and took off. It was a strong group. Tony, Trey, McCray, Josh, Matt, and Jason. They can all throw down. But more than that, they are just a kick ass group. I set the route and we headed off into the Santa Monica's. Golden light was everywhere. It is stupid how beautiful this place is. The route was pretty hilly and the hills were all stingers. They don't kill you individually but each one stings your legs and by the end you are toast.

My legs had some punch and I felt good on the ups and my pedal stroke felt smooth. We ended with a hard 5 mile effort. Trey was on my wheel and we emptied the tank properly. Lethal ride.

Next up from Jill: Get the run in fighting shape

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