Saturday, July 9, 2011


We stopped in Edinburgh and had learned to book a hotel. It was literally next to the station. We stepped off the train and immediately fell in love with Scotland. We plopped our luggage down and ran back to the streets to wander around. The architecture was incredible. It is exactly as you would imagine, with massive stone buildings that seemingly have been untouched for hundreds of years. Castles and statues are everywhere and our eyes were literally bugging out of our skulls. We stopped in a pub for fish and chips, beer, and steak pie and then headed off to a ghost-tour. It basically took you into the crypts of Edinburgh and told the history of death and other unmentionables throughout the city’s checkered past. We also walked through the cemetery and heard tales of poltergeists. It gave me such a fright that I peed my pants in front of everyone :( .

The next day we were off to a small town called Pitlochery. It makes every euro touristy town in America look like stupid broken down slums. That’s right Holland, Solvang, and Frankenmuth. Step your game up. This place was so picturesque it made me want to vomit with excitement at the charm of it all.

Our bike tour started the next day when we were introduced to our 10-day biking itinerary and had our first 25-mile spin on the tandem. We promptly got lost and turned it into a 50 miler. No worries as it was some of the most brilliant cycling ever with perfect roads and some of the most untouched perfection I have ever seen. I hate to say this but Scotland is a massive stereotype from our experience. I mean that in the best possible way. It is literally like everything could be made into a corny postcard. Everything is lovely and the place is so lush, green, rolling, and quaint you couldn’t possibly comprehend it from one lowly blogger’s ramblings... more to come.

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