Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We love activities

The next day we went to paintball. No one was there when we arrived and we had second thoughts about the validity of the touring company we had booked. All unfounded as people showed up and we got introduced and slightly frightened by the activities on tap. Turns out paintball is watered down and not very painful…but it is incredibly fun. It is like a massively enjoyable game of capture-the-flag combined with duck hunt…except the duck is your wife. Well actually I was the duck as Caitlin was a natural and sniped me multiple times as well as lighting into our instructor. She shot him in the head three times and in the neck once…in one game. He was a bit taken a back and I heard him whining to the other instructors and showing them his neck welt.... It was also really funny to see here in shooting gear too.
The next day was canyoning, which is a combination of scrambling, climbing, and cliff jumping all in a river gorge. It was nuts and very good fun. We flopped all over the riverbed and Cait and I were scrambling and jumping off stuff like baby howler monkeys.
Following canyoning, the meat of our tandem riding began with a 40+ mile ride to the middle of the Scottish moors. The town of Rannoch is little more than a train station and a B&B. I am not sure why it exists actually but the B&B has phenomenal scotch and beer and the cycling was, again, some of the best I have done. Caitlin and I are setting that tandem on fire. It is literally like a 60 pound bike the way we have it loaded down. It’s also an upright tandem. Basically it is made to go slow, but we completely disregarded its intention on being a beach cruiser and we have that thing ripping along the lochs at dangerous speeds. I love it and Caitlin is incredible at providing pure diesel power and making my turning job much easier as she mimics my pedaling perfectly. It is tough to handle a tandem if you have a floppy idiot in the back, but Cait has been magic and it feels like I am riding a single person bike which is ridiculous on a tandem which can just as easily feel like handling a school bus with monster truck tires on ice.


Trisaratops said...

This post made me laugh in like 18 parts.

Love that you guys are having so much fun! Congrats again!

Anonymous said...

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