Saturday, July 30, 2011

Honeymoon retroactive photo dump

In my haste to communicate the baller-ness of our honeymoon, I neglected to include photos. This was counter productive and led to boring, sub-par blogging. You guys hate reading and I hate myself for subjecting you to my text-only garbage that I pass for writing . Here is my apology...
Raiding trash cans to tie down our bike bags.

Caitlin in nerd pose before unleashing her fury on the battlefield
Caitlin double fisting
This is our paintball instructor. We could barely understand a word he said. All we heard was, "blah blah blah man-kini blah blah." We looked at each other.... Did he just say man-kini? Sure enough he did. Then Caitlin shot him in the head 3x and in the neck once.
Trying to find buildings that look like Hogwarts in Edinburgh is like shooting fish in a Barrell
Scotch World Tour! Where dreams are born...
Epic Loch Lomond.
I told Caitlin to do a superman pose... THIS is what she came up with?? Timidly poking her head out of the phone booth?

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