Saturday, August 29, 2009



So I had my race meeting for the first EVER triathlon in Santo Domingo. It was absurd and the way it is set up is almost ensuring hilarity and disaster. It is an ITU style race with only beginner triathletes... To clarify, it is a multi lap bike ride (4 laps) with drafting, or riding in packs, allowed. This presents problems if people aren't familiar with riding bikes because people crash... Also, the race takes us through the transition area 4 times.... each time is a potential crash with people finishing the swim. I am going to love this for sure. I'll keep you posted.

In the mean time, check out these old clips of Greg Bennet, Chris McCormack, Shane Reed, and Greg Welch... this racing format is amazing. You should watch both races because the finishes are incredible.

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