Thursday, August 20, 2009


So I have huge news! we'll start small and I'll list my latest small victories then hit you up with the pure excitement. Get ready for a roller coaster blog that will make you laugh, cry, and pee yourself with delight. If you play the final countdown while you are reading this, your heart might explode so read con mucho cuidado.

First, I have been having mass problems with my computer charger. This would be really no problem if I were in the US or if I had more than a well behaved dog's comprehension of spanish. Sadly neither was working in my favor. I made myself look like a huge idiot a handful of times but I navigated my way around 2 malls, a taxi ride, a technology store, and a bus and made it back with a charger that solved all the world's problems. I used a ton of shit spanish but it is definitely coming along.

Second,  my friend and MSU triathlete, Matt Inch, is about to do his first US age group nationals. He is ready to go about very fast and certainly sub 2 depending on the day which should put him in great contention for both the overall and the win in his 20-24 age group. The reason this is a victory for me is because he is one of my best friends and I have had a huge hand in teaching him about this sport. I have made a ton of mistakes and I try to prevent him from doing the same. We have made mistakes together and made each other way faster. It is great to see him kill it and watching him figure out how to race and train is really cool for me. I'll let you know how he goes but he should put the screws to the field.

Finally,  my main victory was finding a triathlon team in the dominican. I hooked up with the dominican u23 national team completely by accident today. I was dicking around in the pool doing more flopping than actual swimming and a huge storm rolled in. Everyone abandoned the pool but a group of about 15 guys. They had some run gear and looked like triathletes so I asked in broken basset hound spanish if they were triathletes and the coach said yes. I talked to him for about 40 minutes (all in spanish!) and he asked me if I wanted to train with them! I am so pumped as i had 0 expectations of finding a team down here. I love stumbling into these situations and it also reinforces my mantra of never plan anything.

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