Saturday, August 15, 2009

Golpe De Calor

It's hot again... Just to get a feel for it.... here are some of the STRENUOUS activities that have resulted in my profuse sweating...

Sitting in a cab
Making juice
Eating a peanut butter sandwich
Hanging up dirty clothes
and my personal favorite...
Taking a cold shower somehow made me sweat

My sister warned me that this climate was a surefire recipe for Bacne so I am trying to stay clean and cool but I fear the worst. Next time I write, my back may look like a pepperoni pizza. Pray for me.

Next on in agenda.....
In the never ending battle against cab drivers, I have seen a chink in their armor. They are constantly trying to over charge me based only on my gorgeous freckles and milky skin. I am fighting back against this profiling, however flattering it may be. A guy tried to over charge me 2 dollars yesterday and another guy tried to get me for 3 the day before. With my marginally improving Spanish, I fended both off and stole the second guys lighter accidentally. The tide may be turning and soon I may be charging them to take me around town.

This picture makes me feel so good inside. Sort of like when I watch Hugh Grant movies.

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marylou said...

who knew you could be so funny! I love that picture of the cabs. Let me know when you start to make a profit off the cabbies. sorry to hear you are so hot. makes the sauna you call a bedroom on Blind Lake look pretty good, doesn't it? miss you every single day, darn you.