Monday, February 1, 2010

Breaking up is hard

It seems completely acceptable that a Bear fittingly named Pooh would be correspondingly addicted to honey.... Well the madness that is my sweet tooth has spanned all sorts of different sugars from candy to pie to dumping honey on everything within a 5 mile radius. But that stops today... with the elimination of added sugar from my diet.... including............ GASP......... HONEY!

Here are the rules. I am no longer allowed to add sugar, honey, or any other sweetener to any of my food. I must steer clear of recklessly sweet treats as well. This excludes molasses which you should google right now for its benefits. I will be using molasses very sparingly. No more sugar in the coffee, no more peanut butter and honey sandwiches, no more fun of any sort.

It is time to kick the addiction. I will keep a log of how this is going so you can all watch as I struggle.

Day 1- Mass cravings for sugar but I didn't break. Ate several bananas out of pathetic desperation.
Day 2- Three cups of coffee WITHOUT sugar (Sugar is only one of my many addictions... cough cough Heroine... kidding, mom). Resisted a delicious chocolate marble muffin. Ate raisins, apples, and bananas. Still crawling back to the sweets but at least they are real foods.
Day 3- Again coffee without sugar. Seriously eyed the sugar but didn't cave. My sweet tooth was satisfied by a fresh squeezed OJ. Usually the street vendors add sugar for no reason. Victory was mine as I had it without.



RobbyB said...

You're lucky you don't work in my office where there's a bowl full of sweet treats on the way to the bathroom.

Rural Girl said...

Are you frickin' crazy!? I along with probably ever other woman in America have tried this nutrition plan and failed miserably! Good luck to ya. Other than sheer will power, which I probably lack, I'd like to know you're secret if you're successful.

marylou said...

what have you done with my son? send him back unharmed ASAP. I will stuff him with double chocolate muffins and toll house pie until he hollers "mercy!"