Wednesday, January 5, 2011

20 min TT

Super delayed but I thought I would share anyway.

About two weeks back, I used my Joule and powertap to do a 20 minute time trial effort per Ms. Jill Savege's orders (my new coach). I did it on the Cycleops Powerbeam trainer to validate the data. It started out decently and I was seeing pretty high numbers. After 5 minutes I was feeling that battery acid pain. I didn't think I would make it. I almost cut it at 8 minutes and then again at 10 minutes. I was pushing between 380-400 watts through 10 minutes which is enormous for me! Keep in mind, I am very big so the watts look more impressive than they are. The pain and lack of fitness set in and my watts dropped off big time. I was staring at 330-350 and starting to feel the acid creep into my arms and up into my neck...very bad feeling. 18 minutes in and I was hanging on for dear life. Light at the end of the tunnel kept me from upchucking.

I ended with an average of 366 watts for 20 minutes! This is a huge improvement for me especially when unfit. 2 years ago when I did this test last, I put up something like 308-312 and that was way more fit.

After I had cold sweats and was sick to my stomach. I almost chundered.

If you aren't familiar with power then this probably doesn't make sense but power is cool so go snag a powertap and get training.

Just thought I would toss out a triathlon related post as my writing for the last little bit has been... nonsense.


MITriGeek said...

Nice work!!! I actually haven't tried an FTP test with my PT. I'm a little bit scared to.

RobbyB said...

I've got to crank one of these out, too. You've made me more nervous than I was before. I didn't think there was any chundering involved. That's like throwing up European-style.