Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hills and Bracelets.

Alright so, I balled out of control today. Hill repeats and I was getting some major flight and moving pretty good for a giant beast.

In other news, I just got suckered by the EFX bracelet scam. Perhaps you have heard of it. If you have, you are no doubt ROFL at me. Understood.

A guy showed me the bracelet and we did a stretch test. I got 2-3 more inches of stretch and actually touched the ground! I have never touched the ground! I really mean never. Not sure why or how... but it was repeatable and continues to work. It didn't work with other 'fake' bands either...

We tried it out on a variety of other balance related tests and it is a complete bogus thing and doesn't remotely help...but the fact remains that I can touch my toes with it and I can't without it. How the hell could this be? It doesn't make sense. My placebo loving brain is screwing with me as we speak. How could it be a placebo for one thing but completely bungus for another?

Apparently this braniac got suckered too... I felt so much worse after seeing this picture. You can officially lump me into a group with Lefty. We are lemmings together.

Off to the pool. Naturally I am probably going to drink some chlorinated kool-aid.


RobbyB said...

So, I've this bridge for sale. Any interest?

Anonymous said...

I have beach front property in Arizona....!