Tuesday, January 11, 2011

20 min TT

Another 20 minute TT... all I can say is wow those things sting the hell out of your legs. I felt like a vile animal with about 5 minutes to go. I had no idea of the amount of snot I could generate if forced. It is remarkable. I rode by a man walking his dog and he recoiled in disgust as I gnashed my drool-covered teeth and blew snot all over my jersey.

I tried to start out sort of conservatively as I was trying to negative split. FAILED. The goal was 350 watts and then build but for some reason I just can't hit that wattage consistently. I am between gears or something. The first 10 minutes were around 377 watts. The second 10 were just an exercise in holding on for dear life and fighting with the bike. I never seem to win that fight.

I ended with an average of 368 watts for 20 minutes! 2 watt PR. I wanted to validate my previous test as it seemed high. I hit it spot on. BALLIN

I wanted to vomit after. Well... I felt like vomiting. I didn't particularly want to.

Jarrod Shoemaker Gets His Cookies RAN as he qualifies for the US olympic team. JARROD-ERES UN ANIMAL ASCO.

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Mary Lou said...

enough with the gross pictures: first your finger, now this! I'm not feeling well!