Monday, April 12, 2010

ABC's of swimming

My swimming has been shit lately. I basically have been looking for excuses to not swim and do almost anything else. The list of things that come before swimming are biking, running, sitting around and staring at a wall, drinking coffee, watching bootleg movies, and getting water boarded. This is not a comprehensive list but you get the idea.

Time to cut the bull and just get it done as I have a race in about 5 weeks. Crash course swimming started today and I realized how weak I am in the water right now. Anyway, to take my mind off the weakness I decided to do something completely different as I needed to stay in the pool and just bank some time. No lane lines today and no one in the pool so the world was my oyster. I thought for a minute and I decided to swim the alphabet. I don't really know where that came from but...

I spelled every letter in the alphabet by curving and flipping and swimming diagonals. I had to stay on the lines of the letter so that meant retracing some steps to create a proper E and F. It was a continuous effort and I pulled the entire thing. Who knows how far it was or any interval times, but who cares. It was fun which swimming almost never is.

I fell apart at around Q and the resulting W and Y were an absolute mess. My alphabet looked more like an ESL kindergartner's script but it did the trick by keeping me in the water until the job was done. Despite what the arrogant Jackson 5 think, there is nothing easy about the ABC's. Those cocky bastards should try swimming it. Especially H and X.

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Leroy said...

you're so weird. spell "Phil Mickelson rules all that is golf" next time. i'm sure it will get you excited.