Thursday, April 29, 2010

Road trip again

So I am writing from flagstaff, az right now. I am at the tail end of a driving endeavor from MI to CA. It will be my 5th time crossing the country in about 2 years. Needless to say, I am getting familiar with I 80 and the finicky cops of Nebraska.
I decided that if I was going to be driving, I was going to stop in some dope places... I chose boulder and flagstaff just to see what all endurance athletes are constantly blabbering about.
Boulder- Imagine a geriatric leg. You are probably picturing vericose veins. Tons of them. This is a metaphor for the trails in boulder where the town is the leg and the veins are the trails. But instead of being pretty unseemly, it is downright mind boggling in a good way. I looked up several trails before hitting the town at about 7 am. Went to one trail head and started plowing up the side of the Rockies. Coors light commercials really don't do this place justice but the condition of the trails were sloppy. I chose to head back down after about 4 miles and find another trail. After driving a few minutes, I found the money trail. Beautiful conditions and amazing views of the city and the rockies. The sun was like butterscotch and the air felt so crisp. I couldn't not run. I went about 7 miles just laughing the whole time. I ran by a river, through a prarie dog field, saw several deer, and blew the doors off a mtn biker going up hill.
Other highlights of the town include public rec centers that have sick pools. I got a day pass and went to town. They also had a vasa trainer... if you don't know what it is, look it up. I was really impressed.
After the swim, I hit a book store and a coffee shop. I got hopped up on caffeine and checked out a triathlon photo album of boulder where I had seen the bennetts running around some trail in Boulder. Random memory but it was pure inspiration. It looked sweet so I headed to the lake in said picture. Another 4 ish mile run with equally impressive scenery.
My legs trashed and my heart reeling from thin air, I slept and headed to flagstaff. Once I am done here, I will let you all know how it is. The drive was hell but that is a story for another time. It includes a sand storm, deer, and 70 mph winds. Off to bike.

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travelling mercies, my boy, travelling mercies