Sunday, April 11, 2010

Got to admit it's gettin better

So I set out to repeat a barely under race pace time trial that I did about two weeks back with good results. It was a bit cooler than last time and after a quick warm up, I started moving. Couldn't really figure the wind out as it was as inconsistent as Al Gore in 2000. I was moving at between 24.5 and 25 for the way out so I was happy with the speed. I was a bit concerned that I would have a major headwind on the way back though. I got to the turn around, took a gu and set off again in the rain. I was pushing pretty hard and the wind started being my friend / dying completely. My speed shot up and I shifted into a major gear and started cranking. 26.5-28 mph was the standard and I was ripping back into town with metallica blaring. I got into the biggest gear and dropped my chain. My deraileur was confused because it isn't used to going fast as I have sucked a bit for the past couple years. The ride was magic and I felt like I was motor pacing.

Here are the stats...
1:08 for something like 30 miles
25.5 mph average and 155 bpm average

check out the previous workout to compare

I think it was something like 24.5 @ 161 bpm

Hopefully a sign of good things to come. I am tired though. Time to sleep. Bye bye.

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