Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Snickers Challenge

Today I set up a snickers challenge for myself. Here are the rules.

Complete a pretty damn hard bike ride and you can eat a snickers bar.

Sounds simple. Not that simple.

I ran very hard at 3pm. 7 miles on a hilly route and I charged all the hills. I was pretty smashed. I did my best to get in the pool to get some circulation and recover.

I set my bike up on the trainer at 6:30 pm and got the snickers out. I placed it like a carrot in front of my bike and organized my drinks and gadgets. Now for the fun part sort of- I lifted this workout off and I admit I was a bit intimidated.

15 min warm up
2x 30 min @ 90% of LT (about half ironman race pace) with 5 min spin in between
10 min spin
3x8 min @ a bit faster than LT (olympic race pace) with 2 min spin in between

I wasn't sure I was fit enough for this workout but I got it done and pretty well. As I cooled down, I eyed my prey in its sexy dark brown wrapper. As soon as I was done, I gobbled my prize so fast I barely tasted it. GREAT SUCCESS!

Try the snickers challenge for yourself or suggest a new one for me as I want to eat more snickers.

P.S. My stomach feels like a sailboat on stormy seas right now... maybe I'll slow down the victory celebration next time.


Rural Girl said...

I've obviously missed something....What happened to the boycott on sugar?!

marylou said...

I wasn't sure if I wanted you to visit home if you weren't eating chocolate. I can see my fears were unwarranted. Whew! P.S. The fedex man must know you're coming home, because he dropped a trainer off at the door.