Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lungs, you got served.

Whoa. Turns out driving from boulder to flagstaff sucks. Weather made it worse. Northern AZ decided to turn into out a giant sandstorm. 40 mph winds with 70 mph gusts. It was unnerving. Then the DOT thought it was a sweet idea to close the highway about 50 miles away from my destination. I politely disagreed.
I waited for about 30 minutes impatiently then decided to take a detour. It added 1.5 hours to the trip. I got into flagstaff feeling like someone had turned my brain on low power mode. Absolutely ruined. I slept for 13 hours and woke up grumpy and caffeine starved.
I headed out to the trails after about 1 gram of caffeine. The altitude smacked me around a bit but the trails were incredible. Manicured and soft, they extend all over the city. The weather was a bit nasty as major wind turned to snowy wind turned to haily wind.
Next on the docket was a bike that got moved inside on my sick new cycleops powerbeam. This trainer is the future. I will give some more in depth info on it soon. I was looking at some power numbers that couldn't push kate moss up a 1% grade hill and as I was pushing these weak numbers, I was panting like a dog. I decided to go run again after my bike. My lungs have never been that big and I was cramping because I was taking such huge breaths, scrambling for o2. Hilarious run. Lungs got a major workout and pulmonary capillaries were on defcon 5 and begging to go back to sea level.
Every internal organ who thinks they've got it made take one step forward. Not so fast, Lungs. On to Big Bear City. Elevation 6300 to 8500.

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