Saturday, October 2, 2010


Today I got up at 6 and jumped in the car and headed for my "time trial" course I have been riding for the last month. It is a bit tougher than IM florida but is the best simulation because it is on the coast so it usually gets good wind.

However, today the wind gods were asleep and I got through 60 miles on the bike before they woke up. I was ON FIRE. I went through 60 miles at 24.2 mph average. The winds kicked up as I was pushing the pace back home. I ended up hitting 95 miles at 23.7 mph average! (100 miles total) My ass muscles were completely detonated, but I felt more or less fresh.

I jumped off the bike, loaded up with coke, and set off on the run... I was clicking along ok but my gut was swelling like crazy due to a bird food-like clif bar and a huge breakfast. The first 4 miles looked like a pregnancy in time lapsed photography. I was swelling like an oompa loompa. A trip to the port-a-potty later and I was sorted. I finally found a rhythm and I ended up with 9.2 miles @ 7:30 pace (9.75 miles total with a waddly cool down)

let me recap:
95 miles @ 23.7 mph
9.2 miles @ 7:30 min/mile

That is flying! It was under control too... Still one more ladder rung to go. But it was a perfect day all around.

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