Sunday, October 10, 2010


ok ok... so you may have seen kona... Best race EVER. Forget Mark and Dave in 89. This was insane. But before you watch the clip, I would like to direct you to my previous kona blog and specifically this line:

"Raelart runs a 2:44 to win if it is warm. He was a few cups of Gatorade away from winning his first one and was pinning Crowie for a good while. Macca will surprise people and will win if it is cool."

Guess what happened. Raelart and Macca ran shoulder to shoulder from mile 21... CLOUD COVER came and cooled the race a bit.... ANNNDDD....Macca wins!!!! The definitive move was made as Raelart went for a cup at an aid station... again a few cups of gatorade short. What did Raelart run? 2:44. Thank you.


Megan said...

haha, nice! from what I heard, the reporters were all wrong. A friend mentioned that it really wasn't all that hot (I mean, it was KONA, so it was obviously a little warmer than where I live... but... yeah)

Mary Lou said...

"I'm glad I finished without sponges?" that's some comment after winning Kona!

Laura Wheatley said...

Dang JP you are GOOD!!