Friday, October 1, 2010


Wow. Can't believe this but I wanted to throw you guys an update...

I am super nervous for this Saturday. I am basically posting this for some accountability. I am jittery for my planned workout. 100 mile ride 10 mile run. This is non-negotiable and massive bricks are critical for Ironman success.

I will post how it goes. No short cuts.

Another thing I am trying to do is lean out by COMPLETELY cleaning my diet up. I am blasting through pounds of Salad, Lemon Water, and Nuts. I have cut out cereal and the majority of processed food. I am on day five of being super on top of it and I am doing really well and seeing results already. It's amazing how puffy mid night cereal makes you.

Stay tuned for Saturday.


Alan Finder said...

let me know how that diet goes. I'm looking to cut some weight this off season.

Alan Finder said...

...and good luck on the workout!...only 5 weeks left!

Alex said...

That motivated me to make a massive salad for dinner, and it was so satisfying.
Thank you.