Monday, March 14, 2011

Solvang spring fling day 1

The first day of camp started out with a bang... 4.5 hr ride with some solid climbing through some of the country's greatest landscape. Legendary ride with some massively difficult climbs. I was feeling very solid throughout and was blasting through the hills.

We headed to a coffee shop after for some shakes. Afternoon delight...don't take that the wrong way. It was just a shake you pervert.

Run after that was almost immediate. We cruised the first loop then the majority of the group peeled off and I was left with a 90 lb running animal man named Chris. Chris has been known to run 1:05 half marathons... for those of you less running inclined, that shit is lightning. Anyways, he blasted me into oblivion. I was doing ok for a big-boned, sausage-legged rockstar but he was like a little billy goat and climbed like a whisp of smoke. I ate about 10 lbs of food after.

Good day.

In other news, I am interviewing to become Charlie Sheen's Social Media secretary. This is 100% true. I passed the first round of interviews and am now on to the second round...wish me luck, trolls. HA. luck is some heinous AA term made up by a bunch of droopy-eyed, armless, loser children. I don't need it. I have tiger blood and resentment to fuel me...luck has nothing to do with it. Peace out girl scouts.

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Michael said...

2nd Round eh? you'd better swing your banana like a warlock wand in hopes to make it to the third round. Stiff competition.