Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Solvang Spring Fling Wrap Up

Overall review:

The camp was tough and we piled on big bike mileage. Lots of it was quite intense too and my bike muscles still are gassed. My total hours for the week were 27.5 which was by far my biggest week. The repercussions of doing such a big volume jump with so much intensity weren’t as severe as I thought but still messed with my sleep. I had a couple nights where the sound of my heart kept me awake. My dreams have been super messed up too…I don’t want to go into it but weird is an understatement.

The people at the camp were phenomenal. Lots of laughs and lots of time spent geeking out on triathlon in general.

The coaches were sensational but they took a sick pleasure in decimating me every day. They also really helped with my swim stroke which was a total surprise. Especially because the coach who helped me, Ryan Ignatz, is a snail in the water. Quote me on it. He thinks he could stick on my feet but he would be a distant memory…turns out he actually really knows swimming. People can tell you “fix this and fix that” but actually being able to make a real change is something not many coaches can do. I was blown away and it already feels like I am grabbing tons of water I was missing. Thanks Ryan.

Charlie, the camp organizer was absolutely the best. I couldn’t believe how well the camp ran and how fluidly she operated the minutiae.

The recuperation from the camp has involved tons of bagel eating. I have been blasting through french toast at a rate that would hurt Ihop's feelings. It seems I haven’t stopped eating since I got back. I’m finally getting some freshness back in my legs.

I have a race this wknd and I am interested to see how I go. I am hoping for a major fitness bump from the camp and I need it since there is a bit of prize money on the line. I checked the start list and I know some of the guys… I think it’s safe to say a couple podium spots are locked up already. Michael Weiss is going to smash everyone. That guy is so lethal across the board it is insane. He’s an Ironman winner, world champ mountain biker, and xterra winner. If I can be in the same area code, I could make a bit of money. We’ll see if the body shows up to the party.

Bob, a hard-nosed Alaskan I met at camp, is going to do the race too and made me promise to buy him a beer if I finish in the money so the pressure is on.

Also...random bit of good news: I fixed my cleat position on my bike shoes today. I went from knee pain and weak tea cup baby power to making my pedals quake with anguish and tremble with fear. I jammed the cleats back and suddenly my ass and thunder quads are firing like NPR right now. Little baby Mikey Weiss should take notice. Death and Pain are coming to San Diego.