Saturday, March 19, 2011

Solvang spring fling day 6

No biking today which is a major relief. I haven't stacked up that much bike training ever (roughly 18 hrs on the bike in 5 days) and it was interesting to see how much one can actually handle on the bike day in and day out.

Today was a bit foggy and overcast...Perfect day for a run and that was on the schedule. We started out on the long run and my legs were obviously sore but loosened up pretty quickly and I cruised the first 4 miles pretty well...I started to feel the deep fatigue up some of the hills and backed off the pace a bit just to relax. I hit my turn around and started back home. A few slight down hills helped me find a bit of a rhythm and I found myself rolling and building into a fast pace comfortably. I finished the run off with a sub 6 minute mile and felt very good.

A coffee, a pack of gummy bears, and a pesto turkey sandwich went down like dominoes after the run.

Onto a light swim... Well when I say light, I mean it would have been light if I hadn't be shattered like a cheap dinner plate. We did some aerobic stuff with enough rest to catch a quick nap and it still wasn't easy enough. I worked on my form and found a little gadget that really helped me catch and anchor my arm in the water. I am going to have to pick one of these little devices up...more to come on that later I think.

Tonight is wine, cheese, dinner, and scotch.

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