Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Solvang Spring Fling Day 3

Thank God for easy days...I crawled into bed last night completely smoked. I just laid there...My heart was thumping loud enough to keep me awake. That is a major sign for me...if you push through that sign good things literally NEVER happen. It took me a while to figure out that your heart shouldn't really ever beat hard while you are laying around like a lump...unless you're watching an awesome emotional hugh grant movie or something that makes you really mad I was a bit sun burned and also warm from running the engine hard all day. I woke up still slightly toasted but much better. We had an early run at the track...sounds scary but was very easy. We did some drills and cruised a few very comfortable. I actually came back feeling a lot better.

Next up was a 2 hr spin to loosen up the legs. I was testing out my new pedals and was happy to be rid of those filthy speedplays. I was pain free the whole day. No hot spots on the foot and no weird knee tension. I will ride looks til I die.

Back to the ride... I never really do recovery rides. I usually swim to recover. I just ride steady or I don't ride. It was weird to spin so lightly but kind of nice. I still would have preferred to watch tv as that doesn't hurt my butt as much but I kept that to myself.

The highlight of the ride was stopping for sandwiches...also eating my gummies.

I finished all that with a nap...maybe the most necessary nap ever in my life.

I just looked at the total for the camp so far and I have 14.5 hrs of training done in 3 days...crazy.

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