Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Solvang spring fling day 2

Wow... turns out being tired is going to be the theme of this week. I basically ended up face down, snoring in a bowl of pasta today. I had a cup of coffee that may have made me more tired. It was hard to tell...

We were up this morning @ 6:20 and straight to the pool for some reasonably light swimming. Then breakfast and onto a long ride. It was supposed to be sort of long and slow...I hate that. Needless to say I got a paceline going right off the bat and 45 minutes into the ride had shelled all but a couple. The climb hit and I spat the remainder off the back and got to enjoy one of the most beautiful rides I have ever done in perfect silence. It was awesome. I couldn't do justice to the landscape. You just have to be there. When people say "greener pastures" this is exactly what you picture...but watered way down because your imagination isn't powerful enough for this.

I got down to the beach where I was greeted by a small beach store that served ridiculously good burgers. I indulged. This combined with v8 (usually nasty but the salt content was spot on today) made the ride home much better. I headed back and was smashing it. But thanks to my speedplay pedals, my knees and feet were feeling like charlie sheen's liver. I hate speedplays. Never buy them. They are the worst thing to happen to bikes, knees, and feet in all of human history. I was motivated to finish the ride because I planned to buy different pedals immediately. I stopped off at the bike shop, got some new all white Look pedals and rode off pain free...I did all this before anyone caught me. WINNING.

Some Gummy worms, sandwiches, ice cream, pasta, bread, chips, coffee, carrot juice, chicken, and chocolate later and here I am. Still tired. Still hungry.


Mary Lou said...

reminder from your mother who knows: you are always hungry.

Alan Finder said...

Interesting about the speedplay pedals. I love mine! they are what keep my knees pain free. Different strokes for different folks I guess. Looks like some stellar training. Have fun. Get fast.

Trisaratops said...

I think you need some tiger blood.

Super jealous of your outdoor ride! If I ever shake this flu I might actually get outside this weekend. Send some of those warlock vibes my way.