Monday, February 15, 2010

Sue me Keanu!

I have never seen someone with such dull eyes. He looks like he is constantly about 3 steps behind.

Just got back from a pretty slick trip to Cabarete. We stayed at an all inclusive. It was super relaxing but I have a feeling that they cause food poisoning as easily as Keanu Reeves' acting causes fits of dry heaving. Caitlin was a victim and as a result, Mr. Severin is substitute teaching for Ms. Dark today.

I hit some really good running out there and my week total ended up benig 52 miles which is my best for this year. The heat really bashed me around but this week is a little lighter so I will come around.

The challenges are coming along as well. However, I am not doing the greatest with the sugar challenge. I must confess that I have had several spoons of honey recently. I disgust myself. I will right this wrong... However, the eating at midnight challenge is really coming along well! I am on a roll and haven't eaten anything for about 6 night in a row... I still get up with serious hunger pains but I am learning to cope, just as I learned to cope with Keanu being successful. It is a constant struggle.

A star is born???


Rural Girl said...

Eat the sugar; a little big o'honey every now and then won't kill you! Sorry, I'm no help!

Anonymous said...

is that bottom picture a picture of matt inch>