Sunday, February 7, 2010

New challenge and getting back on track

Day 8- After a brief tumble off the wagon, I righted the ship. Coffee tests me every time but hasn't broken me yet. My workouts today were stellar after taking Friday super easy. I completed a track test workout with solid results and a strength swim in the morning. Went home and crashed then woke up and hammered out some big gear work on the bike. I was eating up the road and nearly ran over a very mangy looking dog and a not so mangy looking kid. I may have clipped the dogs tail it was so close. Diet was super clean today with oatmeal, bananas, chicken, and veggies.

Day 9- Feeling yesterdays workouts. My glutes feel like someone detonated them. Coffee was the prescription. No sugar. I went for a run which went pretty well. Cruised at about 6:40 pace which is too fast but felt good. Then loaded up for what was intended to be a big ride. Got out the door and couldn't turn the pedals over. I was absolutely blasted. I pushed for an hour to see if I would come around then had a gatorade for the first time in forever to see if I could jolt out of it... nothing. I pulled the plug to save it for next week and waddled home. I got my blood sugar up with a papaya shake at the Cafetera, an incredible local coffee shop... sadly it included a tbspn of added sugar... vows broken again. So today the failings include gatorade and a tbspn of sugar in a shake. I knew the addiction would be hard to break but I am making progress.

I'm now starting a new challenge as writing about my transgressions has been very effective to keep me honest.

The rules are no food from 9pm to 6am... I have been in the habit of snacking at midnight to 1 every night since training for Ironman Wisconsin (which did very odd things to my body) with very few exceptions. I am now trained to eat at that time as if it was lunch time. It has almost been two years of this stupid counter productive behavior. This will stop too.

OH AND STAY TUNED FOR A SCOTT MOLINA INTERVIEW... HA! You probably just peed your pants. Go change. You disgust me.

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