Sunday, February 28, 2010

Far out x 2

This weekend Myself, Caitlin and our friends, Doug and Stacey, rented a car and hopped on the road to spend a bit of time in Las Galeras. It is a small town on the north side of the island. Driving in Santo Domingo is like being the scared kid in bumper cars and trying to avoid contact at all costs. I decided this was not the route to go and got aggressive pretty quick. I love driving here. You get to assert yourself and if you do, the road is your oyster.

We got to our hotel at midnight and quickly realized it was pretty slick. It was on a cliff over looking the ocean. They had an amazing restaurant and the area was pretty cool for hiking, swimming, running and throwing coconuts at trees, which is a game I invented.

I got some pretty awesome running in while we chilled out, but the highlight was definitely a swim in the ocean. Like I said, our hotel was on a sheer cliff. They had a janky ladder down halfway then you kind of had to flop into the water. Entry- check. I got to swimming and it was really clear, deep water. I was going along and the chop picked up significantly in only 10 minutes. I swam back to get out, so as not to worry Cait. I tried to used a rope to climb out as the waves were threatening to crash me into the cliff wall. Exit- failed. Not scaring Cait- double failed.

There was no getting out so I realized the only option was to swim parallel to shore until the cliffs stopped. People were watching from the restaurant overlooking the cliff and I had created a little spectacle, to the obvious consternation of Caitlin. I swam off yelling, "worry about me in 4 hours" to her. I swam a mile and a half in some serious SERIOUS chop and found a place that looked ok to get out. I started riding chop in, only to realize that the entire sea floor was sharp coral. Awesome. I tried to make myself float as high as possible and rode the waves in til about 30 ft out. I then walked on the shards, praying to not cut my feet to ground beef. Prevent bloody feet- check. Got out and found Caitlin. I love you Cait and sorry to be such a pile.

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marylou said...

I've been trying something new lately: reading your blog first then Caitlin's. She hasn't posted yet. Does that mean she's thoroughly traumatized? Try to keep your kid sister safe while she's down there. Which means don't let her do anything you're doing. Love you tons, Ma