Monday, February 8, 2010

Beginning of the end

Day 10- The sugar cravings are starting to fade. I am no longer craving sweets after meals and it is getting easier. I am trying to undo a lot of damage inflicted by lucky charms and nestle during my formative years and I think I am making headway.

Helloggs- Net Weight 666oz.

Also in my challenge to not eat after nine and before six, I failed but I also succeeded. I woke up twice and resisted the urge. Unprecedented. Then at 3 I walked down to the kitchen... not in my usual auto pilot... but fully aware of what I was doing. I was starving and as I opened the fridge Caitlin yelled, "Don't eat anything, Jape." Guilt-ridden, I thought about it but decided that I needed to take the edge off. I had a half a spoon of peanut butter and half a small banana. Tiny in comparison to my usual binges. I woke up hungry for breakfast which is something I haven't been in a while. Baby steps.

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marylou said...

when did you eat lucky charms and who bought them for you?