Friday, February 5, 2010

Shame shame forever shame

This pathetic bear needed another hit.

Day 6- I had a rough go of it today as I resisted adding sugar to anything but I broke and had a chocolate bar covered in peanut butter. Phenomenal but counter productive. Then Caitlin made pudding. I had that smothered in Peanut butter as well. To combat the chocolate binging I was on my trainer for a focused 3 hour session. It went really well given my legs were smashed. It was so hard that it monkeyed with my sleep cycle.

Day 7- Getting good with this no sugar in the coffee thing. The bees though were back and their fury was something to behold. I didn't back down and it quickly turned into a blood bath. 10 bees in total. 7 confirmed kills. One attempted a suicide mission of dive bombing me and crawling up my shirt. The shirt was off in half a second and his air space was invaded with poisonous gas. Forget it, terrorist.

Looks harmless. Not so fast....check his appendix for plastic explosives.

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