Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Everyone who thinks they've got it made

Day 11- Sugar hasn't been an issue. I am doing well. Coffee is now a drink without sugar... no questions asked. The bees fury has died down in the past two days. They are getting used to not having full custody of my tastebuds. I did have an incident where I smashed a bee's stinger into my palm but I take full responsibility.

The eating at midnight challenge also took another baby step forward. Last night I made it til 3 am... This night I made it til 4:30am before having half a banana and a teaspoon of peanut butter. I am on my way and expect to make it til breakfast either today or tomorrow. How pathetic am I, that it takes all my will power just to make it to breakfast without gobbling something?

Day 12- Success! I made it the whole night and with a 3.5 hour bike ride in my legs and a hefty calorie deficit

Day 13- I might be able to do this! Great success. Two in a row. Caitlin's sister and Mom are here. We are off to the beach. I am stoked and also, no food until breakfast is forced when you are on the road so maybe I'll be able to swing it better. Sugar isn't even on the radar... an after thought. I am breaking my addiction. Maybe you should try it...

Day14- Again no problems. Sugar is almost out of the picture.

Everyone who thinks they've got it made take one step forward.... Not so fast Mr. Severin

Day 15- I am writing as I struggle. I have been up since 5:30am. We are at a hotel in Cabarete and I am ticking off the minutes until the hotel opens the restaurant for breakfast. I literally could not sleep tonight due entirely to hunger pains. Apparently I need to eat more during the day because oh dear. 17 minutes to go. No hope of sleep.

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